2 Woodland Rd.5 Sycamore15th Ave.Mill Neck13 Linwood Rd. South12 Shoredale Drive30 Pearsall 3L110-7 73rd Rd.11 Brook Lane65 Linwood Rd. North6 Cotillion CourtRoslyn Ave. Sea Cliff110 Bayview Ave.4 Harris Court19 4th St.29 Bella Vista Ave.82 Sea Cliff Ave.117 Brown St.82 Central Ave.1 Summit Rd.924 129th St.26 Marino Ave.1 Winding Way23 Locust Ave.Huntington1 Pelham Ave.44 Brown St.65 Shore Rd.22 Katherine St.17 Bristol Drive97 Altamont Ave7 Hilldale Rd.362 Sea Cliff Ave. Apt.59 Marino Ave.8 Guilfoy Street221 Franklin Ave.20 Ravine Ave.55 Pembroke Drive322 Littleworth Lane43 Elm Ave.270 8th Ave.5 3rd St.29 Orchard Farm Rd.10 High Meadow Ct.3 Jerry Lane21 Soundview LaneGlen Cove21 Woodland Rd.21 Eldridge Place54 Firwood Rd.39 12th Ave.17a Irma Ave.40 Perry Ave.184 Circle Drive7 Irving Place134-20 155th St.35 Wellington Rd. GH1329 Lakeshore Dr. GH33 Ransom Ave. GH74 East Ave. GH17 Shorewood Dr..1 Heather Lane Levittown17 Lewis Lane85 Haven Ave.11 Manhasset Ave.31 Fairview Ave.249 Sea Cliff Ave.21 North Bayles45 Cromwell Place111 Murray Ave10 Ruby Drive23 Davis Rd.107 Glen Cove Dr.60 19th Ave.91 Longview Rd.80 Irma Ave.2 Monroe Ave.48 North St.33 Ransom Ave.2388 Willoughby Ave.12 Woodridge Lane458 Main St.3 Beacon Hill Rd.43 Mackey Ave.10 Woodridge Lane5 Deasy Lane458 Main St.86 Lake Drive45 Marino Ave.85 Middle Neck Rd.17 Davis Rd.1329 Lakeshore Dr.36 14th Ave.100 Highland Ave.30 Jerome Drive41 Hillview Ave.22 Locust Ave.66 Birch St.2 Ruby Drive48 Hendrick Ave.50 Beach Rd.Glen Head Rd. Apts.17 Bayview Ave.89 Glenlawn Ave.4 Maple Drive107 Mackey Ave.46 Radcliff Ave.154 16th Ave.33 Clinton St.216 Dogwood Rd.158 Mill Pond Acres56 Franklin Ave.28U Madison Park Gardens230 West Broadway9 Lighthouse Rd.12 Carpenter Ave.18 Adams St114 Mackey Ave.71 Vanderbilt Ave.3 Duke Place118 Luquer Rd.14 Ravine Ave.5 Sea Isle Landing78 Mackey Ave.113 Intervale42 Glenwood Rd.11 Sintsink Dr.56A Elm Ave.48U Madison Park Gardens17 Orchard Farm Rd.61 Locust Ave.11 Briarcliff Dr.17 Beacon Hill Rd.7 Central Drive4G Toms Point16 Glen Ave promo16 Glen Ave.12 Ivy Way79 Glen Cove Dr.3 Secatoag Ave.East Island1 East View Court22 Marwood Rd. South10 Woodland Drive74 East Avenue28 Herb Hill Rd.3 Leech Circle235 Middle Neck Rd.73 Longview Rd.110 Dubois Ave.15 Boxwood Rd.66 Ivy Way35 Wellington Rd.17 Sea Gull Ln.1 Prospect Lane62 Park Ave.Roslyn Ave.46 7th Ave.317 Glen Cove Ave.140 Round Hill Rd.43 Sandy Hollow Rd.4 Firwood25 Fairview9 Flowerhill Place53 Orchard Beach Blvd.4 Cedar Lane210 Sands Point41 Waters Edge14 Elm Place11 Birch St.6 Mishaupan Place16 Lewis Lane42 Bellingham Lane22 Woodland Drive14 Dogwood Lane35 14th Ave.Sherlock Homes 2016437 Carpenter Ave.235 Middle Neck Rd.52 18th Ave.539 East Shore Road46 Maple Ave.3 Vine St.269 Crabapple Rd.217 Sands Point Rd.130 Reid Ave.32 John Bean Ct260 Sea Cliff Ave.6 Selina Ct.105 Vanderbilt Ln.101 Brown St.43 8th Ave.85 Edgewood Rd.82 Valley Rd.4 Porter Place20 Bayville Park Blvd.71 Park Pl.2 Lowell Rd.51 The Circle30U Madison Park Gardens245-02 Rushmore Ave.10 Preston Ave.3 Leonard Pl.18 Park Ave.615 Motts Cove Rd.4 West Mill Rd.Sea Cliff Ave.33 Lowell Rd.210 Downing Ave.16 Rini Rd.125 15th Ave.23 Leuce Place51 Cody Ave.345 Carpenter Ave. hi-res200 Duck Pond Rd.new construction6 Beverly Rd15 Bayside Ave.16 Shorewood DriveWheatley Rd.345 Carpenter Ave.244-92 61st Ave.34 The Place51 Graywood Rd.1234111 Downing Ave.6 Hampton Court6 Knollwood Rd25 Gaynor Ave. Apt.14 South Road35 Coles St.93 Choir Lane102 Ransom Ave.126 Wooleys Lane47 The Promenade100 Glenlawn99 Fairview Ave.5 Tulip Lane16 Oakland Ave.4 Prospect15 Cross St.29 Clinton St.3 Park Ave.23 Edwards St.24a Herbert Ave.38 Highland Ave.28 Harbor Hills Drive22 Eastview Lane299 8th Ave.18u Madison Park Gardens81 Soundview Drive69 10th Ave.11 Reid Ave.125 Main St.4 Deerfield Rd.11 Black Gum Tree Lane81 Harbor Rd.17 Herbert Ave.31 The Circle38 Reid Avenue25 Gaynor Ave.40 Park Place18 Eastland Drive333 Asharoken30 Anchorage Rd.20 Round Hill Ln.11 Briarcliff Dr.15 Andover210 Sands Point Rd.56 Beechwood Ave.14 Fox Lane32 Morewood Oaks12 Marlin Lane33 Glenwood Rd.1 Ridgeway Rd.37 Elm Pl.83 L Keith Rd63 Wakefield Ave.102 Dubois49 Lowell Road152 Jefferson Ave.15 Gruber Lane33 Cherry Street55 Harriet LaneLanding Cove15 Suggs Lane23 Willow Drive9 Huntington Rd. additional9 Huntington Rd.23 Harbor Hills Drive76 Glenlawn Ave.90 Oaktree Lane14 Salem Lane17 S Maryland Ave.61-15 97 St. Rego park14 Donna Drive1 The Circle3 Fairview Lane67 Avenue C3 Bridle Lane256 Brower Ave.44 Pasture Lane9 The Knolls20 Locust Ave.28 Linwood Rd220 Lincoln Ave cropped220 Lincoln Ave.232 Franklin St.8 Bridle Ln.12 Crescent Rd.Dunn Building #3Dunn Building #2Dunn Building #115 Woodland Rd.2 Briarcliff Dr.166 Main St.65 Carpenter view22 Henry Dr.65 CarpenterFranklin Square63 Altamont Ave.Merrick311 Freeport6 Farmview Road hi-res6 Farmview Rd.6 Daniel Ct.118 Altamont45 Cromwell Pl.41 Soundview Additional41 Soundview62 St. Andrews Street35 Prospect St.8 Patsy Place35 Bayview Ave.100 Feeks Lane19 Orchard St. Additional19 Orchard St.19 Orchard St.134 12th Ave. B3 White Cap Court3 White Cap Ct.65 Hickory Rd.2 Karen Rd.134 12th Ave.Elm cottage7 Townsend St.249 8th Ave.1 The Birches86 Valentine St.34 Pheasant Lane2 Motts Lane28 Kirkwood62clintonadditional40 Poplar Pl.51 Cleveland Ave.44 Cromwell36 Marwood Rd.62 Clinton St.23 Guilford Rd.8 Chadwick St.18 Hemlock Lane1 Stewart Court3 Mansion DriveToms Point61 Valentine Ave.23 Briarcliff Drive7 Hamilton Court front2 Terrace Place50 Irma Ave.6 Holly Tree Lane54 8th Ave.7u Madison Park Gardens12 Arlington Pl.174 15th Ave.11 The Crows Nest Additional112 Manhattan Court11 The Crows Nest7 Hamilton Court25 Reynolds Rd.7 Schoolhouse Ct.86 Cornflower additional86 Cornflower736 Parkside Drive52 Frost Mill Rd.27 Collins Rd.4 Water Lane7 Winter Lane hi-res14 Walnut St.7th Ave.191 Sea Cliff Ave.7 Winter Lane110 Maple Ave.12 Port Washington176 Prospect Ave.Douglaston28 Main Ave.28 Main Ave.17 Elm Street1612 Warren StreetE.P.2 Dixon Court511 Argyle Rd.86 Levittown35 ProspectMattituck15 Littleworth Lane28 Lower Glen Keith Rd.